Department for Work and Pensions

Department for Work & Employer Engagement

There has been even more employer engagement within school. On this occasion it was with four year 7 and four year 8 students from the More Able and Talented Cohort.

Deputy Director for Housing Policy at DWP and also former student Neil Johnson returned to Sir John Hunt to mentor students regarding their career choices and aspirations. Neil, along with his colleague and Civil Service apprentice Rian Matanky-Becker spent the morning working with students to develop a Career Plan that reflected on their current goals, skills and qualities and enabled them to think and plan for the future and their choices.

Neil also talked of his journey through Sir John Hunt and his development into one of the most senior advisors to government. Currently he is working on Brexit negotiations and attending the G7 Summit to take part in further talks.

Neil has generously agreed to work with these students throughout their academic career and support them as they make important choices. This also includes a visit to the DWP Head Office in London later in the year so that students will see the wealth of opportunities that are available to them within the Civil Service.

Miss Sarah Newberry
Career, Event and Marketing Coordinator