Halloween Camp

Year 11 Halloween Prefect Camp

There were spooky goings on last weekend at Sconner Down Campsite! Luckily we had our team of brave and intrepid Year 11 prefects on hand to deal with it. The campsite had been invaded by a bunch of zombies who could only be defeated by a series of scary (and very silly) games. Our brave defenders arrived and set up their tents in the last of the daylight, ready for the night’s spookyness. They got involved with traditional Halloween activities like apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, and facepainting.

Dinner was a barbeque whilst watching a movie. Their earlier games had earned them money from the Bank of Whitleigh (Whitleigh Wongas) and they used their stash to buy zombie repelling kit, such as holy water pistols, crosses, candles and extra lives in the form of glowsticks. The teams split up and competed against each other to snatch the zombie annhilator from the woods (a hidden air horn!) whilst dodging and repelling the zombie attackers. Most prefects said they weren’t scared, but one did snap the air horn in half when spooked by a particularly keen zombie! Luckily the air-horn did its job and the zombies disappeared so the prefects could relax around the campfire toasting marshmallows, drinking hot chocolate and tea and singing along with Millie and her guitar. In the morning the winning team got to hack away at the Frankenstein pinata, but shared their sweets so everyone went away with a treat. The staff were exceptionally proud of the Year 11’s attitude and comittment; these prefects really are a credit to the College.

Halloween Camp Monster

Thanks must go to Mr 'Monster' Marner for allowing his campsite to be over-run by zombies and zombie hunters, Miss 'Warlock' Warring, Mr 'Carve ‘em up' Carpenter, Mr 'Steal yer sweets when yer not looking' Saberton and Mrs 'Nuke ‘em' Newberry for all their help in making the camp happen.

Mr 'Cook yer and eat yer' Alcock.
Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor