Inspiring Excellence Programme

Students Begin Inspiring Excellence Programme

Three Sixth Form MAT students, Kane, Leo and Chloe have been selected to represent Sir John Hunt in the Inspiring Excellence and Involve Programme. The programme is organised and run by Downing College Cambridge and consists of challenging, transformational residential courses for most able young people from across the UK. It is designed to develop their passion for learning and provide an insight into the knowledge and skills needed to become an expert in a particular field.

The students will complete two components, the first is a five day residential. During these five day subject specific residential courses bright A-level students are introduced to the latest ideas and research, allowing them to explore challenging topics. Teamwork, research, presentations and creativity are important features of the courses, helping participants to develop key study and employability skills. The academic, motivational and social benefits of attending are essential in preparing our students for the transition into higher education.

The residential courses set out to:

  • Provide an insight into university level material by studying a wide range of exciting topics beyond the A-level specification
  • Challenge students to work towards the limit of their ability with a group of like minded students in a supportive and non-competitive environment
  • Experience approaches that encourage active involvement through workshops, group discussions and presentations
  • Develop important skills to ensure academic success and employability

The second part of the programme is in partnership with Villiers Park an educational charity. The Involve Programme starts when the students return from the Inspiring Excellence Programme residential courses. The students are challenged to successfully complete a project that will develop classroom learning back at Sir John Hunt. Villiers Park facilitate this, with many ideas coming from the students themselves.

The Inspiring Excellence Programme and Scholars Programme work with a targeted group of students. The students will work with Villiers Park Involve to extend the number of beneficiaries, encouraging the participants to share their new knowledge and enthusiasm within their college. Working with other Sir John Hunt students, teachers and organisations, they can greatly increase the breadth of provision and the numbers benefi ting from the experience and expertise. Villiers Park will work with our students, providing the scaffolding needed to empower them to lead and manage exciting educational projects. Acting as ambassadors, the three students are able to improve their leadership and project management skills as positive role models at the heart of our learning community.

Mr Fort
Asst Head of Sixth Form/PE Teacher