Sixth Formers wear old uniform for charity

Principal's Update

Dear Parents/Carers,

It really makes me proud to see the wonderful learning that is happening in classrooms every day, whether that is Year 11 tackling Jekyll and Hyde in English or the Year 7’s testing their ‘balloon’ cars in physics. Our students are very creative and I cannot wait to see the finished, sea inspired, Christmas craft projects that the Step Up students are currently making.

I have had the pleasure of observing over 40 lessons since the start of term and I can see our students are so positive about attitudes to learning. This is also evident when we look at the number of GCSE Pods that have been downloaded by Year 10 and 11 students. This, I am sure, is helping them to prepare for their PPE’s and Year 9 also have the opportunity to contribute to the Learning Café GCSEPod competition.

It was lovely to see our GCSE PE students hosting a Year 1 sports events for 40 primary students last week. The compliments we received about their mature approach to teaching of the 5 year olds was overwhelming from the primary parents that supported the event.

Sixth Form students Scott and Kim decided to dig out their old Year 11 school uniform and wear it on Children in Need Day to raise money for this fantastic cause, their own idea and just one of the events happening to raise money by our students. I am looking forward to our forthcoming events - Singing for Schools, badminton competitions, parents evenings and our celebration assemblies.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Bevan