Health & Safety in PE

Health & Safety in PE

As a matter of safety in PE, it is the PE department’s job to do a number of health and safety checks, not just on equipment, but also on participants to ensure that they can participate in physical activity with a minimum risk of injury to themselves and others.

As part of these checks students, amongst other things, will be expected to have correct PE kit, including a gum shield and studded footwear for rugby, studded footwear and shin pads for football, correct trainers (fastened correctly), hair tied up (girls and boys with long hair), all piercings removed, not to be chewing gum and to have nails sufficiently short. Although some of these rules are not part of the 'uniform policy' they are a matter of keeping your child safe during PE lessons.

Thank you for your continued support with this

Mrs Skelton
CL for PE