Students Step Up to Challenge

Students Step Up To The Challenge

The Learning Recovery teams have had an exciting and constructive term of outdoor activities where challenges have been faced and overcome. These challenges were by no means only the physical ones such as climbing a cliff, jumping into the sea or riding a mountain bike six kilometres. The students had to work together as a team, be organised and listen to instructions; all this whilst feeling nervous about the challenges ahead, not to mention such things as a fear of heights or deep water.

Each student has progressed in leaps and bounds (sometimes literally!) and it has been a pleasure to work with them all. I look forward to seeing them face a new set of challenges this term.

Here are some quotations from the students themselves about how they felt the term has gone:

Q: Do you think your behaviour has changed in any way?
A: “Yes, because I’ve started to be responsible and try a bit harder.”
A: “Yes, I think I take on more challenges.”
Q: Do you think you have got better at approaching challenges?
A: “Yes and no, because I enjoyed some and not some, but I think I improved on working in a team.”
A: “Yes because I am not afraid of heights anymore.”

We have a really busy year of activities coming up with Duke of Edinburgh, Bikeability and many more. If you are interested in any of these, then please come and speak to me.

Students Step Up To The Challenge

Mr Alcock
Outdoor Education & Adventure Activities Instructor