Internet Safety - Bigo Live

Internet Safety

This week we have been made aware of a new internet site/mobile phone app called Bigo Live. This free app allows children to live stream their activity onto the internet for anyone who is interested to watch. This type of activity is fraught with risks as many predatory adults are known to use such sites to engage with children. The terms and conditions of the site say that users must gainparent/carer approval before using it but this rarely happens. The FBI are allegedly investigating some of the inappropriate activities associated with Bigo and children.

This is a timely reminder to check the websites that your child is accessing and monitor the use of their mobile devices. ‘Stranger Danger’ has moved from the outside world into children’s phones and computers. The website is highly informative and may help to equip you with the knowledge you may require to talk to you child about their on-line profile.

Mr Marner
Assistant Principal