A New Year of Adventurous Activities

A New Year of Adventurous Activities

The students that excelled in their bikeability level 2 last year have been undertaking their level 3 this week. We have cycled on larger roads with small groups of two or three to each instructor, looking at the theory and watching traffic to see how it flows around roundabouts and junctions. The students really concentrated well and helped each other, offering encouragement whilst observing each other at the busier junctions. Two more groups of level 2 Year 7 students start this Monday and Wednesday with their level 1 on the College’s MUGA.


Rock climbing club kicked off with two trips to the Dewerstone in September and attempts to climb three routes graded from ‘very difficult’ to ‘severly difficult’ in the guidebook for the area! We had nine students each trip and Mrs Evans along to help. All the students had a good go on at least two of the routes and were really keen to try all three. Courtney Smalley excelled by topping out on all her routes and setting the example for the others, showing them that it was possible. After some tentative starts all the students made headway and improved their highpoints, proving that with some determination they can succeed. All the students managed first time to learn the technique for belaying and keeping their partners safe. Hopefully many of them will come along to rock climbing club at the Life Centre every Monday evening 3:05pm - 5:45pm (£5) until May.

Rock Climbing

For their first week the intervention teams went into the woods for a zip line or rope swing and slack line session. The students (after a nervy start), zoomed down the zip line a number of times each, making it to the end of the rope by their last attempts. The second team had a go on the rope swing; pulling each other back and co-ordinating their efforts to send their friend flying into the air! Team 1 also broke the Year 7 record for ‘tree ball’ where they placed their ball 15ft up a tree without touching or throwing it. A result of good teamwork and communication. It was great to see them suceeding by being confident, helping each other and encouraging each other.

For the second week team 1 went to Bovisand Bay where they scrambled along the edge of the cliff s to see how far they could get. There was a challenging wave across a zawn (a deep narrow sea inlet) so the students used a rope to pull themselves across. Unfortunately the waves were too big around the corner so we retreated and swam back to the safety of the shore to play in the waves there. Again the students showed bravery in overcoming their fears, Ben Pearson being escpeially brave as he was the first across!

What a great start to a new academic year of outdoor and adventurous activities.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Coach