What is a Growth Mindset?

What is a Growth Mindset?

Our Year 9 MAT students have been working on the idea of growth mindset, during their morning registration sessions. It turns out, all of them believe intelligence isn’t fixed but is something that we can build. The majority of students have a very strong growth mindset, believing that eff ort has a huge part to play in outcomes, rather than just inate ability alone.

Those students who have a growth mindset will relish challenges in lessons, persevere when something is difficult, not be afraid of failure and practice weaker skills in their own time. "I can’t do Maths" is a prime example of what someone would say if they do not have a growth mindset!

The Year 9 MAT students have chosen their most difficult subject and a strategy that they are going to use from now on, when they struggle and have recorded these ideas in their planners. I look forward to meeting up with them next term so they can evaluate their efforts in these subjects to see if this approach is working for them.

Mrs Davenport
Most Able & Talented (MAT) Coordinator