Herald Journalist Gives Inspiring Talk

Herald Journalist Gives Inspiring Talk

Last week students from Sir John Hunt had a fantastic talk from Plymouth Herald journalist Miss Millicent Cooke. Here is an article written by Joe Aspey a Year 13 who attended the talk.

On Friday 22nd September Miss Cooke a reporter for Plymouth Herald, came in to talk with a group of Year 10 students, as well as some Year 13 students. Millicent came in to discuss the day-to-day life of being a reporter, as well as advising us on what we can do now, to gain an advantage in the journalism industry, and the world of work in general.

Miss Cooke highlighted to us that flexibility is integral in the journalism industry; "You will sometimes have to work anti-social hours, weekends or bank holidays. It is not a nine to five job". As well as that, she also highlighted how modern journalism requires reporters to work across multiple media platforms, from print to online and video.

Afterwards, I got to ask Miss Cooke some questions, one of her central pieces of advice within these questions was about getting work experience. "I’d say for whatever industry you are going into you definitely need to be proactive in terms of getting work experience in any sector. Even a retail job can be really valuable at teaching you skills". For the journalism industry specifi cally, she highlighted that work experience that involved "Teamwork, working under pressure and dealing with complaints." is beneficial. She also talked about how work experience doesn’t have to be related to the career you are aiming for, "I think any sort of work experience, it shows that you are prepared to work hard".

Miss Cooke’s advice was valuable, has given me a unique perspective on the journalism industry and makes me more excited to go on and study at university next year.

Joe Aspey

The day was a great success and we look forward to a busy academic year of interesting talks and inspirational guest visitors.

Miss Newberry
Career, Event and Marketing Co-ordinator