Pick and Mix

Pick and Mix

During enrichment week students experienced a range of activities which developed skills in; team work, strength, endurance and communication. At the start of the week students went to Shaugh Prior to do some gorge walking. Students would walk up a river against the current jumping and climbing over the rocks, the students ended the gorge walk using the rock slides which was lots of fun. After lunch students developed their forest survival skills which allowed them to work as part of a team to build shelters, make a camp fire and to enjoy a nice hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

On the next day we went to Oreston Quay in Plymstock, this put the students raft building and canoeing skills to the test. During the morning students had to work together to build a successful raft learning how to contrast a stable raft and various knots to prevent it from falling apart. After lunch students needed to use their upper body strength to steer and navigate their canoe around the pier. This was the ultimate test to see if the canoe teams were paddling in sync allowing them to glide through the water, or out of sync spinning their canoe around in circles.


As we approached the middle of the week we braved the weather and took a visit to Mt Edgcumbe, this involved taking a short boat ride from Plymouth to Mt Edgcumbe. When we arrived, students used their time to get to know their peers and to explore the lovely settings and surroundings by finding various statues and artifacts. Towards the end of the week we visited Newquay Zoo to get up and close with wildlife seeing various animal as we walked around the venue. It was lovely to see lots of different animals that you cannot see every day in a built up city. The students were particularly fond of the meerkats, monkeys and the big cats, they were sad to not get the chance to see the baby lynx.

Vist to Adventure Park

The trip ended on a high visiting an amusement park where students were able to spend time with their friends and enjoy the rides that Crealy had to offer. It was great to see the smiles on the student’s faces as they were approaching and exiting rides and how happy they were walking around the park with their friends. The staff and the organisations visited all agree that the students behaved fantastically.

Mr Benney
Computer Science Teacher