Horse Riding

Blessed with beautiful weather (for the first day at least), the students were buzzing with excitement, as we journeyed to the stables. Miss Wilkes’ driving was somewhat scary at times, especially when we were met with a caravan in a small narrow lane, but we got there safely in the end. The students were put into the saddle straight away, no time to waste, as they were given their initial assessment lesson to check their riding ability. After that, they were introduced to the horses and ponies they would look after for the whole week.

Horse Riding during Enrichment Week

The students spent the week learning how to groom, plait, feed, tack up and jump. The students rode every day. Legs were sore by the end of the week, but confidence and moral was at an all-time high. Miss Stanton, after not riding for many years, was given a lesson by the school’s instructor. Mr Fitzwater joined in on the lesson on his own horse, Marley.

At the stables

Mrs Colpus was a much valued member of the team, as she provided her home-cooked snacks to keep us going throughout the week. Her pasties were AMAZING! We rounded up the week with a BBQ which was provided by the staff at the stables. The students played ‘horsey’ games and laughed so much. As always, the students were exemplary and behaved impeccably. Fay, who owns the stable, said, "Sir John Hunt are our favourite school. We have so much fun when you guys come and visit. Please come back!" We most definitely will.

Mr Fitzwater
English Teacher/KS3 Lead