Sports and Health Day

Sports and Health Day 2017

On 22nd July, the annual sports and health day took place. The rain stayed off and it was a perfect day for al fresco sports. Students took part in football, basketball, mountain biking, orienteering, badminton, rounders and dodgeball.

Football run as a mini tournament and fixtures played two matches at a time, with excellent refereeing by the sixth form Futsal students. In Year 7/8 Stephens won and 9/10 Destivelle won.

Basketball was also run as a tournament, in Year 7/8 Tenzing won and in Years 9/10 Destivelle took first place.

Dodgeball run in the same way, was won by Stephens in Year 7/8 and Lowe in Year 9/10.

Mountain Biking was run as speed trials, with all similar speed racers having a final trial to decide the overall winners. In Year 7/8 Hillary won and in 9/10 it was Tenzing who reigned victorious.

Orienteering run by Mr Alcock, was set as a number of different challenges, such as using photos to find co-ordinates and locations around the College campus. In Year 7/8 Destivelle and Stephens drew for first place and in Year 9/10 Tenzing were the best!

Badminton was arranged as a number of year group on year group matches with cumulative totals to find out the champions. Destivelle clinched first place in Year 7/8 and it was Stephens who took it for Year 9/10.

Rounders was played as a round robin, with Destivelle victorious in the Year 7/8 tournament and Stephens for Year 9/10.

The afternoon saw a record breaking series of races with new school records being set for the following:

Alyssa Marsh (Year 7) - 100m
Sam Harris (Year 8) - 100m
Leonel Rodrigues (Year 10) - 100m
Jake Jacks (Year 7) - 200m
Ellie Jane Lancefield (Year 7) - 200m
Keane Bowman (Year 9) - 200m
Megan Nolan (Year 10) - 200m
Jade Almond (Year 7) - 400m
Keane Bowman (Year 9) - 400m
Courtney Ashman (Year 9) - 400m
Megan Nolan (Year 10) - 400m
Stephens (Year 7) - Boys 4x100m Relay
Destivelle (Year 7) - Girls 4x100m Relay
Lowe (Year 8) Boys - 4x100m Relay
Lowe (Year 8) Girls - 4x100m Relay
Destivelle (Year 9) - Girls 4x100m Relay
Lowe (Year 10) - Boys 4x100m Relay

Overall it was extremely close with only 30 points between the top and bottom teams.

The results were:
5th Lowe 238 points
4th Hillary 266 points
3rd Stephens 267 points
2nd Tenzing 268 points
1st Destivelle 278 points!

Well done to everyone who took part, it was another day that proved what grit, determination and perseverance the students at Sir John Hunt Community Sports College have!

Mrs Skelton
CL for PE