Year 7 Become The Judges

Year 7 Become The Judges...

Over the past three weeks, our Year 7’s have become the judges in the national science event ‘I’m A Scientist’ where they have been researching, interviewing and deciding on who should win the next round of funding for research into Drug Resistance.

Only ten schools across the country got to take part in the Drug Resistance Zone so our students were really lucky to be able to get involved and they most certainly made the most of it. Fifty of our students got the chance to take part in the project where fi ve scientists put together an online profile explaining their reasons for wanting the funding, they then took part in a live chat with our students answering questions about their projects and their jobs. Some excellent questions were asked but only one student from each group could win the prize of ‘Scientist of the group’ and those were Tom Francis and Hayden Cooke for thinking of excellent scientific questions to ask and showing a real interest in the project.

Here’s what some of the students had to say about the event:

"I voted for Sanjib. This is because he was really formal and answered every questions that we said in the live chat with spectacular skill. He made me feel really happy to vote for him and he was very kind to us. Also, what he wants to do I think would help us out a lot. I learnt about antibiotics and how it works. Also, the scientists have answered questions which, personally, has improved my knowledge about antibiotics and what they do to help us."

Tom Francis

"All five scientists had good reasons for wanting the money but in the end I voted for Sanjib because he was determined to help others and not just gain the money for something else. I enjoyed the project because we were able to make our own decisions and even have live chats with the scientists."

Megan Greetham

All the students deserve a massive well done for working so hard on the project and made the College proud with their scientific thinking, polite manner and engagement in the project. The majority of our students voted for Sanjib because they liked his ideas about tuberculosis and will be pleased to know that he won the vote and will receive the funding.

Miss Harris
Science Teacher