Sports Extravaganza

Sports Extravaganza

During enrichment week, Mrs Skelton and Miss Symons ran a sports extravaganza week. On Monday, students went to Looe beach, where they played beach volleyball, frisbee (which they kept losing!) and vortex throwing. A great day was had by all (apart from for Ellie Wren, who had a seagull land on her head and then fly off with her lunch!). The day was topped off with a Cornish ice cream for the walk back to the bus.

Tuesday saw the students go to central park and have a pitch and putt golf game. After this, they went in to the Life Centre and had a session in the dry dive area, everyone had a go at jumping off the diving boards in the three shapes of tuck, straight and pike. Then students had a go on the trampolines, where they were learning how to do seat landings and swivel hips. Next the students went on the infl atable runway (which didn’t end well for poor Travis). Finally students were allowed to go on the diving boards, including the 10m board, which only Fletcher was brave enough to jump off.

Sports Extravagana

The next morning started with a table tennis tournament, then the students had an observation task, where they watched ‘Goal’ and had to answer sport related questions as they went along. We then left for climbing at Marjons where students got to have a go at bouldering, high ropes and the automatic belay climb. They all did really well and even those who were afraid of heights went to the top of the climbs!

Sports extravaganza

Thursday was a day of sport in College, where the students experienced football, goal ball, benchball and badminton. The final day was a day at the ski centre, with students trying the viper run, snow tubing and tobogganing. Next the students got kitted up for snowboarding and had a lesson on the slopes. Everyone then had chips from the café for lunch, before heading down to get kitted up for skiing. All the students made great progress, with some reaching their level one qualification by the end of their session.

Mrs Skelton
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