Pasties, Berries and Cows

Pasties, Berries and Cows

Fourteen budding chefs had a fabulous cookery based week. They baked perfect pavlovas and praise worthy pasties. They channelled their inner Mexican and produced a banquet for forty people with burritos, fajitas, chilli and quesadillas. Also if you think chilli-chocolate cookies would not be good you’re very, very wrong.

Highlights of the week included milking cows, stroking calves (bovines, not lower legs) and having Roly’s Fudge shop on the Barbican SHUT JUST FOR US! We were drunk on a heady mixture of our own power and the vanilla/maple/pecan fragrance which hung in the air. We wore the branded aprons and everything.

Pasties, Berries and Cows

Quotes of the week:

"I’m frightened of eggs."

(While eating lunch outside and a wasp flew by) "It’s like being on a Bear Grylls show."

(While milking a cow) "The milk’s really warm, I thought it’d be cold."

A source of particular enjoyment was running (well, walking at sloth-speed) through a field of wheat.

Miss Hoatson
English Teacher