Wet 'n' Wild

Wet and Wild 2017

What a fantastic week, full of activity, learning about diff erent animals and exploring our local history. At Longleat Safari Park, the sun was shining and the animals were out, clambering all over the coach. We explored the grounds, some of us even got lost in the maze and would still be negotiating the mirror maze had it not been for the amazing orienteering skills of Piper.

Wet and Wild

The following day we went to Paignton Zoo and learnt about wildlife and their habitats. Students loved exploring the zoo; coming back with stories of what they had seen. We even had time to go on the steam train which took us around the zoo. On Wednesday, we went to Hangloose and the Eden Project. Most of the students got over their fears and went on Gravity, a 20 metre high giant swing and The Drop, a leap of faith from a height of 10 metres. It was awesome to see them persevering, experiencing activities outside of their comfort zone and overcoming their fears.

Wet and Wild

At Haven Banks, students had a day of activities that included raft building, climbing and caving. Their raft building skills were put to the test when they had to race along the canal. On Friday we explored Kent’s Caverns, where we learnt about the history and geography of the local area and explored some of the oldest caves in the country. The afternoon was spent at Splashdown, where students challenged themselves and went on some terrifying rides. A brilliant action packed week.

Mr Cota
Learning Recovery Teacher