Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities!

Step-Up went to Bovisand beach to go coasteering last week in what turned out to be perfect conditions, great for escaping the heat (for a change). There was a small one foot swell which was enough to play in and we explored small caves and coves. Then we found a perfect jumping area where everyone had a go at throwing themselves into the water with lots of encouragement all round. Finally we swam back to an interesting tunnel where we caught a few waves. Great fun!


The OAA club this week had a go at gorge walking in the river Plym. Each student really enjoyed it and helped each other over the waterfalls. Special mention must go to Skye for managing to climb back up the waterfall slide. With the good weather it was difficult to get the team out of the nice cool river.

Gorge Walking

Lunchtime games this week saw an epic volleyball contest where mainly year 9 took on each other. The score shot up early on for one side due to some good serving and communication within the team. Soon though the others fought back to make it 8 to 8 by the time the whistle blew. Last point wins was called and the ralley for it was very exciting. Well done everyone.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Coach