New Year New Uniform

New Year New Uniform

Dear Parents and Carers

I just wanted to reaffirm our expectations on College uniform as outlined below, on our website and in our student planners. I am aware that many fashion retail outlets badge their clothing as school uniform, and that this can be confusing, so I would like to thank all those parents who have worked with us to ensure that their children are in the correct attire.

On the whole I think that our students look very smart, but there are a number pupils who are starting to push the boundaries of our uniform policy with trousers that are too tight or skirts that are too short. We have taken a conscious decision not to change our uniform next year or to impose a uniform policy that demands parents buy expensive skirts and trousers but we do ask that where ever school uniform is purchased from it meets our expectations. I am aware that many parents will be purchasing new uniform during the break so wanted to remove any ambiguity that may be instigated by fashion conscious students. We haven’t changed our uniform policy but we do expect students to adhere to it and if they are not in the correct uniform they may be removed from their normal lessons so that their peers don’t think that deviations from our rules are acceptable.

We expect trousers to be of a formal cut, black and straight legged. Our policy does not list all of the trousers that are not acceptable but our expectation is that they would resemble a formal suit type trouser, not jeans, cords or stretchy tight trousers. These web links are for some trousers that are the type that we expect.

Boys Flat Front Trousers

Girls Side Belted Trousers

Many girls are choosing to wear skirts at the moment and these should be plain black and knee length. Some of the jersey fabrics are a little bit too thin and almost see through: this is not appropriate for College. Similarly tight fitting jersey knit skirts seem to ride up and therefore do not hang to the knees, again this does not meet our expectation. If staff are having to ask girls to lower the hem of their skirts so that it comes down to their knees, or if a skirt does not hang freely to be knee length then the skirt is not long enough. These web links are for some skirts of the type that we expect.
Senior Girls' Skirt with Crease Resistant

Senior Girls' Pleated Skirt

Senior Girls School Long Length Pencil Skirt

We want our community to recognise that we uphold strong standards and students’ appearance is one of the first things that people notice. I would like to thank you for your ongoing support in ensuring that our pupils look smart in our College Uniform. If you have any questions about whether a particular item is acceptable, please feel free to check directly with the College before making a purchase.

Many thanks

Mr Marner
Assistant Principal