Vivo Points to Change

Vivo Points to Change

The College currently uses Vivo points to reward students for effort and achievement. From September we will be continuing to reward these important positives but not through the Vivo system. Students therefore need to spend their Vivo points before the end of term through the Vivo shop at

Many students use their vivo points to off set the cost of enrichment week trips or the Year 11 prom by purchasing specific vouchers through the Vivo shop, please be aware that these can still be purchased and held until required. There are £1, £5 and £10 value vouchers for both the prom and enrichment week available. If any Vivo points are left unspent after August then a voucher for the credit will be emailed to the student to enable them to spend it in the shop in future. It is important that if this is the case the email address in their Vivo account is up-to-date.

In September students will be able to spend the Praise Points they are awarded but through a system operated within the College. Ideas for what students would like to see available can be fed back through our College Council. If there are any questions about access to the website or the changes to this system then please feel free to contact me.

Mr Yalden
Assistant Principal