Students Excel at DofE Bronze Award Practice

Students Excel at DofE Bronze Award Practice

The students doing their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award went out last weekend on their official practice expedition. The weather was particularly awful on the first day, turning worse as they approached camp. The team walked well together along the Bovisand/Wembury coast. Then we encountered a set of steps that led from sea level to around 100m in altitude, wide enough for just one person. They stomped and grumbled their way to the top in around 10 minutes; an amazing effort considering they were carrying bags full of tents, stoves, sleeping bags and food. One thing this year group can really do is zoom along quickly!

The next day teams set off on their own to follow the routes given, only meeting the staff supervisors at checkpoints along the way. Given the reduced time frame the teams did well in finishing or getting well over halfway, more evidence of their fitness and ability to walk quickly when needed. The final assessment expedition takes place on the 8th and 9th of July, with training sessions every Thursday after school where we will focus on navigation and planning.

Outdoor and adventurous activities club went cliff jumping at Goldiggins Quarry on Bodmin Moor last week. Unfortunately the weather was windy and very wet, however once you’d jumped into the quarry it was sheltered and relatively warm in the water! Everyone did a number of jumps before the cold wind got the better of us. If you wish to get involved in these exciting activities please come and get a letter from the OAA office. We still have gorge walking, coasteering and another lake jump available to do.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Coach