Rubbish Lesson

Year 7 Get A ‘Rubbish’ Lesson

This term in biology, Year 7 have been studying habitats and communities. Part of their study includes the impact of human factors on the environment.

We invited a guest speaker from Surfers Against Sewage to speak to two Year 7 groups about the impact people have on the environment and how this effects the habitat of marine life.

The students got to examine some litter taken from beaches and talk about the effect that it could have on the environment. We also went outside to do a ‘trash mob’ to see how Sir John Hunt are affecting the environment.

"We learnt that in 23 years’ time, there will be more pieces of plastic in the sea than fish."

"We learnt about pollution and the effect we have on damaging the environment."

We look forward to more collaborative projects with Surfers Against Sewage and would like to thank local representative Jo Wakeham for coming in and sharing her passion with our students.

Miss Harris
Science Teacher