Sailing Lub Back Again

Sailing is Back!

The students have had two sessions so far, with the first session they got to know the parts of the boat and what they do. The students sailed a dinghy with Mr. Bevan, learning the basics and how the boat felt when catching the wind. They also got to take turns on the helm, learning how to tack with lots of laughter.

The second session had perfect weather and the students were able to set up their boats in twos. They all started to sail around Mount Batten on their own for the first time and because they did so well, they all managed to sail out into Plymouth Sound. The students skill and confidence were amazing and they really enjoyed racing each other all the way to Jenny Cliff and back.

Myself and Mr Bevan are really impressed with the way the students have dedicated themselves to sailing. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as we do, keep it up! If you are interested in sailing, then please see Miss Richards for further information.

Miss Richards
Maths HLTA