Great Effort by Y9 Duke of Edinburgh Team

Great Effort by Y9 Duke of Edinburgh Team

The Duke of Edinburgh Year 9 camp happened overnight on Friday through to Saturday last weekend. It started with students packing their bags at home and trying to solve the puzzle of how to fit everything in. On Friday after school it was obvious that they had all done a pretty good job as we managed to pack tents, stoves, fuel and safety kit into the bags. We headed off to the moors in the minibus and once everyone had retrieved their bags and managed to lift them onto their backs, we took the now traditional fi rst expedition photograph. The weather was grim, with rain and thick mist, but the student’s morale and attitude really was excellent. After a short walk we stopped off to cook dinner, which went well for a first effort, especially considering it was in strong wind and rain.

Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

The students were then told to find a campsite which was flat, near a water supply and hopefully sheltered. They did this well with no arguing, which is a notable feature of this group. Once the tents were up the students enjoyed their free-time on the moors, chatting in their friendship groups and appreciating the environment around them.

After free-time we met with waterproofs and torches for a night walk to the top of Higher Hartor in the dark. On the way we passed the Giants Tomb and the stone rows, evidence of Dartmoor’s inhabitants some four thousand years ago. Mr Alcock chose this spot to tell a ghost story, which put everyone in the best mood for climbing a misty mountain in the dark! They certainly moved quickly up the hill. Morgan Bush and Kaitlyn Francis took a bearing for the summit and navigated everyone directly to the stones on the top an excellent effort. On the way back down, after getting a little lost, the team passed the standing stones in the dark and spotted the glowstick on a tent in the distance. Everyone was glad of their beds by then and most slept through the rain in the night.

Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The next day was much clearer and brighter and the group split into two teams to undertake a short walk without the adults’ help. One team went a little off route, but they all managed to stay together and look like they will do well in their assessment in July.

Thank you to Miss Warring and Miss Symons for coming out and helping with the expedition.

Mr Alcock
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Coach