Great Big Rhino Project

The Great Big Rhino Project

The KS3 biology competition is up and running now, with entries coming in thick and fast. We are focusing on the conservation of the Sumatran Rhino as there are less than one hundred left on our planet.

These animals are classified as being ‘Critically Endangered’ because of their horns being so valuable and their habitats being destroyed. Their horns are made from keratin, which is used in Chinese medicine and decorative purposes to show off wealth and status. We have teamed up with Paignton Zoo to design and paint our Sumatran Rhino, so it can go on the ‘Rhino Trail’ around the South West.

Don’t panic though, once it’s been on its travels, it will be back with us and displayed in our College! Competition ends 28th January.

Great Big Rhino Project

Miss Burns
(Science Teacher)