Caspian , motivational speaker

Caspian – a Positive Leader

Caspian has been working as a mentor to young people and various artists since 2006. He also has 4 years’ experience of working as a youth participation coordinator for local community organisations that specialise in youth engagement.

Since 2011 Caspian has been a motivational speaker and he has worked with various youth and arts projects and also individuals in primary and secondary school settings.

Caspian is confident, adventurous and spontaneous, yet through it all also knows how to maintain discipline. He is an extremely patient individual.

Caspian’s main ethos is being centred in the knowledge that his presence and purpose is not self-serving but it is an opportunity for him to add value to the lives of millions of people. This is extended to the fact that Caspian has penned his very own motivational book which was launched in Los Angeles in 2014.

As a positive leader, good listener and public speaker, Caspian also uses his skills and talent as a recording artist to engage and connect with the young people he works with.

Caspian, motivational speaker