Y7 & amp;8 MAT Camp

Year 7 & 8 MAT Camp

On Friday 10th June the Year 8 MAT students had their MAT camp combined with the Year 8 camp that had previously been cancelled whereas the Year 7 MAT cohort camped on Friday 17th June. Both cohorts were invited to stay at Nun’s Cross Farm, near Princetown. The farmhouse is in an extremely remote location with basic amenities and was chosen as a different kind of challenge to what the students have previously faced, during their Dartmoor Challenge afternoon.

Without the modern day luxuries such as electricity and running water, the students faced various challenges like lighting and maintaining the fire in the dining room, fetching water from the local stream and using torches to navigate themselves once the sun set. On top of this, their mobile phones were taken from them before setting off! This in itself proved to be challenging, as one Year 8 student remarked that she could not last the 40 minute journey on the minibus with her friends without her music to listen to, as she has poor conversation skills!

Despite all this, both groups pulled together and overall were keen to help each other succeed in the chores they had volunteered for. Faced with the basic surroundings they really showed a good attitude to have fun and volunteer to help with cooking and cleaning. They also had fun playing a variety of wide team games in such a vast and natural setting, in order to further promote team work within each cohort.

These camps will be followed up by a reflection session which will allow them to consider how resilient they have been during these events and decide how this can be used in a classroom setting when they are challenged. Further work will be done on this skill with MAT students next year, to foster this vital skill. It seems as if the camps have given the students food for thought regarding not giving up!

Mrs Davenport
(Spanish Teacher)