Chinese Tea Ceremony

Chinese Tea Ceremony

Recently the Year 9 philosophy and ethics group had two Chinese visitors who taught ‘The Art of Tea’. The guests taught us that there is a difference between the Japanese ‘way of tea’ and the Chinese ‘art of tea’. In China a tea ceremony is considered an art as with each step they showed, they proceeded with great care, caution and timing. After the visitors showed us the ‘art of tea’ some students were able to perform stages of the ceremony too, with Jack Matthews and Tyler James making and serving tea to us!

We were then taught the ‘half lotus’ (a meditating position). It was hard at first for most people to concentrate, but as time went on it became easier to focus. During the meditation session they played a calming tune called ‘Tree Over River’ by Dean Everson which made the whole experience very relaxing.

One student expressed that, "The lesson was engaging and intriguing." she added that "The mediation part was very relaxing and for once I could concentrate on one thing, breathing!" This was only one opinion but the general consensus was that it had been an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

I recommend meditation for a set amount of time, as it clears your mind of thoughts. The class would like to thank Miss Gent for arranging such an amazing lesson.

Chloe Shaw