Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

Outdoor and Adventurous Activities

This week saw outdoor adventurous activities club take to the Dewerstone for climbing with a few new faces keen for the challenge. All of the students are confident in their ability to tackle a ‘severe’ rated climb after weeks of practice on the bouldering wall in the life centre. They demonstrated their techniques and skills to overcome a hard climb to get as high as they could, picking out different hand and foot holds along the route. The regulars who have shown excellent commitment over the past several months were able to pass on their knowledge to the new additions and show off their leadership skills by helping them to climb. As well as this, they continue to improve on their teamwork skills. As one climbs, the other one belays, which encourages a tremendous amount of trust between each other.

OAA runs on a Tuesday and Thursday after school with various activities, so make sure to come and grab a letter off the OAA team or student services!

Science continued to incorporate OAA into their lessons this week, by conducting an experiment involving human pendulums. The students from the class took turns to be suspended in a harness from a tree branch and hoisted up by their classmates. The group had to measure the angle at which their fellow classmate was elevated to and then once they had been let go, time how long it took them to perform 3 swings. The data that has been recorded, will be used to compare with further experiments.

Last week, the OAA team set up a volleyball court and swing ball on the grass outside the intervention centre. The lunchtime activity proved to be a success with plenty of students giving it ago. Everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well as having a competitive edge to win the volleyball match. It was nice to see all year groups getting involved and working together especially the older ones, acting as leaders to help the younger ones feel involved. We will be running different activities in the same area once a week on either a Friday or Tuesday. This is weather dependant however, everyone is welcome so feel free to do something different with your lunchtime and have a go!

Miss Symons
(Outdoor and Adventurous Activities Apprentice)