DJ software

SJH Receives £500 Worth of Professional DJ Software

Last term the music department sent an email to Algoriddim, the creator of the world’s bestselling DJ app, to let them know how much our students enjoy using the application. Music students enjoy learning about essential elements of music such as timbre, genre and tempo, when using engaging music technology.

We already had a budget version of DJay, the world’s bestselling DJ app for iPad and winner of the Apple Design Award, on our school iPads. However £500 is a lot of money to find when nationally school budgets are getting tighter and this is what it would have cost to equip the iMacs with DJay Pro, the industry standard professional software for learning DJing at a higher level.

Recently we were very pleased to receive a personalised reply from Karim Morsy, the company director of Algoriddim, who gifted us with 12 licenses for the £39.00 software. Due to his generosity all of the school iMacs now have DJay Pro installed, complete with the extra special FX software.

This enables our students to mix up to 4 songs together, plus video footage, giving our KS3, 4 and 5 students the opportunity to create stunning multi-media work.

Algoriddim has collaborated with numerous world-class artists on creative ideas and projects, including David Guetta, Armin Van Buuren and DJ Qbert. We hope that having access to world class professional software and hardware, will enable our students to unlock their creativity, whilst having fun in the process.

Mr Cleverley
(Music Teacher)