During the Easter holidays, Mr Bevan and I had the chance to take 6 students to sail the blue waters of Plymouth for 3 days. On the first evening we were greeted by the skipper and the crew of the tall ship. The students were put out of their comfort zone straight away and had to prepare the first evening meal, on board the 42 foot ship called ‘Pegasus’. Every student had a job to do whether it was chopping onions or laying the table! The end result was pasta carbonara, which was delicious but after each meal the students then had the delightful job of cleaning the dreaded dishes!

On the first day the students were awoken early, not by the sweet mellow music played through the speakers as planned, but by the big black brand new princess yacht engine which was moored up next to us!

Morning duties went ahead and once the boat was tidy, we all got geared up ready for a quick briefing of the plan by the skipper. After the briefing we then set sail at 9 am. Up on deck all students and staff had a job to do. We all had to work together in getting up the jib sheet and stay sail up, this needed to be repeated every time we tacked the boat throughout the day.

In the morning we sailed around the sound and then ventured out 5 miles past the breakwater. I must admit it was very choppy, but students soon found their sea legs! Some sat at the front of the boat, where there were lots of laughing and sliding around as they went over the waves. The students said it was really fun, as it was like a mini rollercoaster!

We then headed back into Plymouth and moored up near Cawsands for lunch. During lunch there was silence – I think the hotdogs were a great success! After lunch we then set sail back up the river towards the Tamar Bridge, where we moored up to stay the night. Fajitas were also made well, so compliments to all who took part in the cooking. We then played a few games in the evening before lights out at 9pm. Most students asked the skipper if we could wake up earlier this time so that we could sail more, the skipper was amazed as he said he had never heard that before!

The next day we sailed back down the river and managed to get all the sails up when we got into the Sound. We then headed back to the port for lunch, when we were pleasantly surprised by Chris’ parents waving at us from the Mount Batten pier. Chris’ dad took an amazing photo of us on the boat as you can see above.

Once we arrived back to the port, we had lunch and then had to clean the boat to immaculate condition. Amy had the delightful job of cleaning the toilets, Kane, Chris and Jordan had to wipe clean all surfaces, Alana hoovered and Romeo then had the job of putting the dishes away.

Once the downstairs was clean the next job was to scrub the deck. Once all jobs were done the students were all ready to be collected by their parents. Throughout the trip, myself and Mr Bevan were amazed by how well they all worked together and didn’t complain once. They thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend this opportunity to anyone if it was running again. I could not have asked for more from them and they were all a credit to the school. Well done!


Miss Richards
(Maths HLTA)