BEE positive Year 7 celebration

BEE Positive Year 7 Celebration

Jack Russell is a personal development coach who has worked with thousands of people during his career. Jack’s passion throughout life has been to positively motivate and influence others. Jack is also a trustee of the College and has trained the Year 7 tutors in delivering the BEE Positive programme.

The programme, which is delivered during tutorial time, consists of a variety of topics all designed to enhance positivity in students, get them to think about things in a different way and to promote individuality and independence.

Over the last 8 weeks, students have looked at a variety of weekly topics, these include: positive thinking, motivation, setting goals, communication and comfort zones.

The students’ hard work culminated in a celebration event which was held on 10th February. Jack Russell was our guest speaker and introduced the BEE Positive vision to both parents and students. Students then presented to their parents and carers, to the College governors and to Jack about what they have learned over the last 8 weeks and how it has changed and impacted upon them.

Every student who has followed this programme has received a certificate in recognition of their hard work. Within every tutor group, two BEE Positive ambassadors have been chosen and they will meet and come up with ideas and projects to take BEE positive to the next stage.

Mr Cota
(Learning Recovery Teacher)